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©Bob Winkle And His Wonderful Woolly Worms
Written by Bradley Wheeler
©Willy and Wally created by Maria McGiveron

Once there lived two little woolly worms who were brothers on Bob Winkle's farm, in the shade of an old tree stump beside the new river way out in the high country.
Willy and Wally loved to wake up each morning and crawl around the farm, looking for food or ropes to climb.

One day Willy told Wally that he was the fastest woolly worm in the world and could climb a blade of grass faster than him.
Wally knew his brother Willie was strong but he said that he was the fastest woolly worm on the farm.

So they raced up a tall blade of grass, and sure enough Willy was the first one to the top!
"Whew." Said Wally, "You are fast, Willy!"
"Thanks, let's have a race up that rope in the barn?" said Willie.

They raced all day, up and down fence posts and workbenches, broomsticks and rakes until at last they were tired and crawled off to sleep near a patch of nearly ripe tomatoes.

Early the next morning Willy challenged Wally to a race all the way up a tall tomato plant.
Wally almost won, but Willy dived for a huge, fat tomato on the top
most branches, bounced the last seven inches and made it to the top first.
Wally, gasping for air, cried out, "Wow, what a race! I didn't know woolly
worms could jump like that!"

Farmer Bob, out feeding the hens, saw the two worms and lightly picked them from the top leaves of his favorite tomato plant.
"Oh, you're just little woolly worms and you're not eating my plants, so I'll let you go", he said to Willy and Wally.
He laid them down onto the ground near his corn crop and
wondered about the strange woolly worms.

Hmmmm, he thought, I'll watch them for a while before dinner.
So all the rest of the day, Bob winkle saw Willie and Wally race up and down his corn stalks and porch rails and even the telephone pole, although they had to rest half way up.

Wally finally beat Willie and sat happily at the top of the pole among the phone lines. "Good race Wally, you're not too slow yourself!" congratulated Willy, "I guess I'm better in the short races."

As they climbed down the pole, Farmer Bob, who had been
watching their last few races, picked them up carefully and carried them to his back workroom in the barn.
Then he told them his plan.

He knew that they loved to climb, racing fast, so he wanted to give them a home in his barn.
Plenty of food and ropes to climb and later they would race against
the other farmer's for fun.
So Willy and Wally lived happily with Bob Winkle on his farm.

They won many races and they had lots of children.
Even their wives were racing with the others once and a while.
Their children loved to climb as much as their parents Wally and Willie, and soon were winning races too, with all the other animals rooting
their favorites on.

They all lived happily ever after, racing and climbing each day as the sun rose on the Winkle farm.

The end or just another beginning….